I started my novel on a word processor. In the East Village on a Saturday, with a list of things I loved: sisters, mystery, Block Island. Fifteen-plus years later (more like 20) I’m finally out of my laptop and on a road I hoped for all this time.

I have an agent for my debut crime-fiction/literary-mystery, GHOST STORY. I’m so proud and grateful that my work caught the eye of a wonderful person. I just finished revisions. It was a tender balancing act, this giving all I can to my novel along with throwing a roast chicken in the oven and (putting up with) my job. But it’s all good. I’ve never felt more validated. Through this long process of creating, I taught myself how to write a novel. I am my own MFA, lol. Nothing fancy for the wall, but it’s on the heart.

Stay tuned for more news about GHOST STORY. The best book on earth. 😉

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