New update: debut novel GHOST STORY

I started my novel on a word processor. In the East Village on a Saturday, with a list of things I loved: sisters, mystery, Block Island. Fifteen-plus years later (more like 20+) I’m finally out of my laptop and on a road I hoped for all this time.

BIG NEWS!! I just signed with Cameron McClure of the Donald Maass Lit Agency in NY and I’m so proud and grateful GHOST STORY caught the eye of a wonderful agent!

I have two more wee changes and then we submit to editors! It’s been a tender balancing act, this giving all I can to my novel along with throwing a roast chicken in the oven for my family and doing my job and my laundry et al. But it’s all good. I’ve neverĀ felt more validated. Through this long process of creating, I taught myself how to write a novel. I am my own MFA. Nothing fancy for the wall, but it’s on my heart.

Stay tuned for more news about GHOST STORY!

Warm thanks for stopping here,




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