About Amy Kierce

My formal About and the Reason for this Little Blog:

I was a child of the 70s.

These were my formative years when kids could run out the front door with 8 cents for Orange Ade rolled up in a bathroom towel and go play in the skunk path before day camp. Or the stream, and get yelled at by a surly woman glued to her kitchen window (“The Mean Lady”).

I must disappoint and tell you I was raised by nice parents, but I was unsupervised when I played, due to the times. And what do kids do when they are unsupervised? They do things that could be put in a blog, years later.

In a secret way, I started to realize that my young life could possibly be a molten story bed that needed to come out of my head. Times have changed but the stories have not. They’re still in there, kept in a cave with deep blue ponds, and now they’ll be typed into this little blog.

I do write and edit for money, but that’s work. I’m relieved I can do this as work, but the (painful) truth is (like everybody else out there), it doesn’t reflect the lady inside who’s primarily lived alone in her laptop all these years, pounding out a novel to the tune of her merry band of muses. While the novel waits for her publisher in shining arms, this lady is ready to see ink, baby.

I had an idea. An idea for a blog that offered snippets of the 70s. I was driving when this popped into my head. I liked the word Circa. I loved that word. My heart became alive. But what year should it be? 74? 78? Not thirty seconds later, I saw a funkette orange Jeep with the license plate: AMY 77.

How’s that for timing? I couldn’t keep my head (or my car) in gear. CIRCA 77 became my instant megaphone, a private land for my creative spark that was bouncing off the walls. And because I am that diner who needs extra sour cream, I tacked on “&Beyond,” for those days when another decade calls. (As in my Canada Series, or ASK.)

Life with its twists and winks, here I am, a little shy to be making a small fuss but dedicated nonetheless. So let’s get groovy! There are things to say.