Stolen Lunch

The food was heavy on the back, light in stomach. We were ten 13-year-olds and two counselors aged 16 and 17. We were without cell phone, RN on duty, sunscreen, supervision. We were alone, canoeing across miles of deep Canadian lakes. I was the girl with the appetite of a man. I was always hungry, … Continue reading Stolen Lunch

Portaging: The Can Sack

“Because the activities involved in canoeing activate hearty appetites, don't skimp on food supplies.” - Temagami Canoe Routes I had it in my head that the can sack was 100 pounds. It could have been 500 pounds, but regardless, when we got to the edge of a lake, somebody’s back had to transport it over … Continue reading Portaging: The Can Sack

Big, Blue Duffel: Intro to the Canada Series

(circa 1980) An original life is unexplored territory. You don’t get there by taking a taxi— You get there by carrying a canoe. –Alan Alda The Canada series starts in LaGuardia airport in New York, with my mother running after the camp director, yelling at his flanneled back, “Make sure my daughter takes her medicine!” … Continue reading Big, Blue Duffel: Intro to the Canada Series